MDEL Certified Face Shields Now Shipping!

Polar Face Shield is manufactured and distributed by Polar Magnetics Inc. at our Facility in Toronto Canada. Our reusable face shields are suitable for those working closely with the public including retail / warehouse / hospitality, long-term care facility workers,  EMT, medical personnel, as well as law enforcement . Our face shields provide full coverage in the event of exposure to the Covid-19 virus.  They are made from sturdy, food grade plastic to ensure biocompatibility,  closely based on the design of surgical shields used by front line medical personnel.  At only 88 grams, Polar Face Shields are lightweight and comfortable.

Our face shields are very easy to assemble, disassemble and sterilize.   

Suitable for the following industries :

• Medical Personnel
• Police Officers
• Food Service Industry
• Retail / Warehouse
• Long-Term Care Facility Workers

Over the past 25 years, our parent company, Polar Magnetics, has perfected its manufacturing process while producing laser cut products for the North American retail market.
We have now transformed our cutting edge facility to address the critical shortage of face shields across the globe.  Our face shields are produced exclusively at our Toronto plant.

Polar Face Shields may be cleaned / sterilized using the following methods :

• Warm Soap / Water
• Isopropanol (70%) wipe or Organic Solvent
Methyl Hydrate
• Cavicide
• BioText
Autoclave – no

  Health Canada Medical Device Establishment Licensed (MDEL)
Shipping Now

* Min. Orders – Cases of  25 or 50 Units

Made in Canada

Our products are made in Canada, from North American materials.


Premium grade materials allow for easy cleaning and re-use.

Shipping Now

Canada, US, and International shipping is available.

Polar Face Shield is manufactured in Toronto Canada, from materials sourced in North America.

800 Flint Rd. Toronto, ON, CANADA M3J-2J5

(+1) 416-801-2121